The Student Government of Notre Dame High School is a student-run organization that serves as the official voice of the student body and attempts to better the student experience in high school. Both a governing body and an advocacy group, Student Government is involved in policy-making, adjudication, programming, lobbying, community service, and countless other activities. The organization is a clearinghouse for concerns from students and answers from administrators. The Student Government hosts Spirit Week; Pep Rallies during fall, winter and spring; dances and service projects for the school.

How to get Involved with Student Government

Student Government is a large organization with opportunities for service available to students with different commitments, interests, and abilities. Positions available include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Board. Most positions are elected in the spring, although the Freshmen Class Board is elected in the fall. Vacant seats are filled by appointment. Applications are found on the website or through the Dean of Students. Qualifications for nomination and guidelines for maintaining class office are:

1. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75. Students may not have been on disciplinary probation, academic probation at any time the previous year. During the term of office, a class officer may be removed from office due to academic difficulties or disciplinary action.

2. Nominees are required to attend any preparatory meetings prior to elections.

3. Nominees and students holding office are expected to adhere to the values of the school philosophy, be supportive of school policies, and cooperative with the administrative and all faculty and staff.

4. Student Government members should represent the concerns of the students and be able to articulate these to administration, moderators and their respective classes.

5. Student Government officers may not be President of any other school clubs or organizations.

6. Elected student government members may be required to attend a Leadership Workshop.

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